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    Our motto: together hand in hand to find flexible solutions to realize your requirements.

Electrochemical Machining

VULIC - ECM is an international company, which is specialized in electrochemical deburring (ECM) for high-quality ECM deburring systems, as well as fixtures and spare parts. VULIC - ECM is continuously seeking for new technical innovations and applications.
One main reason for our wide-ranging performance is the professional competence and constant willingness of every single employee to deliver results.
Efficient technology, perfect service: VULIC – ECM uses customers requirements and experiences collected out of daily business, to develop and optimize deburring systems successfully. Your benefits: reliable technology, which is designed for industrial production all day long – seven days a week.
Our company is DIN ISO 9001 certified, an international standard certification. In addition to the general market requirements, we also meet other requirements like environmental protection, occupational health / safety and data protection.
Geschäftsleitung: Zoran Vulic

First-Hand Expertise

Flexible, Fast, Reliable!

Since the company has been founded in 2007, our customer base is growing and growing. We also won some well-known companies, who now benefits from our know-how and experience.

VULIC - ECM target isn't just to deliver known products. The close cooperation with developers and performed researches allows the company also to deliver solutions for complex jobs and implement those hand in hand with their customers.

We offer the customer flexibility and mobility to achieve their requirements. Our aim is to offer what you need in short time and in the highest level of quality.