• Chromium VI ReductionThe ModuleDue to its design, the Chromium VI module is a flexible add on module to any ECM system.
The module is based on the chemical reaction of toxin.
Hexavalent chromate CrO4 2- reacts with iron (II) sulfate FeSO4 to nontoxic trivalent chromate. This fluid will be cleared by the filtration to chromium oxide Cr(OH)3.
Since the iron (II) sulfate has an acidic reaction, sodium hydroxide NaOH is additionally required to maintain the pH value.
The dosing of the fluids is mostly automatic. On the basis of the value rates (ECM system), the occurred Chromium VI can be determined and the dosage of iron (II) sulfate can be appropriately adjusted.
  1. Switch cabinet
  2. Stirring unit
  3. Dosing tank
  4. Metering pump
  5. Drip tray with forklift pockets
  6. 60l canister in separate basin
Chrom VI  
Width 860 mm
Height 1.140 mm
Depth 1.260 mm
Empty weight 100 kg
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