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Service & Developement

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manufacturing of machines

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Manufacturing of Fixtures

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Automatisation & Control

Automatisation — more efficiency in the ECM process
Application areas:
  • Deburring, trimming of internal work piece edges and intersections
  • Producing shapes and contours
  • Polishing surfaces up to mirrir gloss Rz<10µm (depending on the material)
  • Machining of extermely hard materials up to 67HRC grade
  • Machining workpieces without creating harmfull stresses
  • Drilling without burrs
  • Deburring without secondary burrs
  • Compared to other processes, there is almost no wear and tear, as the tool, also called the cathode, does not come into direct contact with the workpiece at any time during the electrochemical processing
  • The machining times for deburrin gand polishing are extremely short and only 10-30 seconds for many applications
  • The ECM process is equally applicable for workpieces series with low and high quantities of pieces
  • Several workpieces can be processsed simultaneously during a process cycle

Are you already thinking about ECM? You should!


Electrochemical machining is a fast and cost-effective process for metal workpieces. In order to achieve the desired metal removal during the ECM process, an appropriately shaped tool is placed opposite the workpiece. The gap between workpiece and tool will be filled with electrolyte and a DC voltage is connected to the workpiece (positive pole) and the toll (minums pole). The electrical current flow causes a controlled dissolving on the surface of the workpiece, according to the mold of the tool.
The material, which has been removed, will be converted into a metal-hydroxide, which will be seperated by filtration. This method can be applied for all types of metal, as well as for small, medium or large production series.
There are many manufacturing steps in the deburring section, which can be realized with ECM technology more quickly and more economically. As a supplier and service provider, VULIC - ECM is a reliable partner, with whom you can implement your growth strategies.